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Duct Cleaning

Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning

Sometimes what we don’t know (or can’t see) can hurt us.

Take your air ducts for instance. Day in and day out, air from your home circulates through them, carrying with it dust, dirt and bacteria.

We know from research that dust and dirt are the breeding ground for dust mites, mold and fungus. Once they get established, fecal matter and spores will begin accumulating and your furnace and air conditioner will start circulating them throughout your entire home. It is these airborne toxins that cause respiratory illnesses and triggers asthma attacks, especially in young children and the elderly.

Don’t let dust mites, mold and bacteria turn your furnace and air conditioner against you! Let us clean out your heating and cooling vents, your dryer vents and your central vac system. Our powerful truck mounted system will completely clean out the dust, mold and dust mites, letting your children breathe easy.

Here are the 9 steps to a Klean And Brite air duct cleaning:

  • 1

    Monster Vacuum

    The best way to clean is to both push and pull the dirt away. Our truck provides 9600 CFM of suction power as well as 240 psi for pushing (about the same as 1000 vacuum cleaners combined!)

  • 2

    Trained Technicians

    We don’t hire sub-contractors to get this important work done. Our team is specifically trained and field-tested to complete your cleaning.

  • 3

    Setup and Protection

    The first step of every job is making sure that we protect your house. All of your floors, doorways and corners are protected from dirt and scratching.

  • 4

    Negative Air Pressure

    Our huge, 8” hose is hooked up to both the supply and return sides of your system independently to catch all debris and extract it directly to our truck.

  • 5

    Maximizing Vacuum

    All registers are covered with magnetic sheets to maximize suction.

  • 6

    Scrubbing The System

    Pulling large volumes of air towards the truck, we now send our agitation tools (at 240 psi) down each supply run to remove every trace of dirt and dust.

  • 7

    Cold Air Returns

    Once all the supply registers are clean, we move to the return air system. This included all the grill covers and drops throughout the house.

  • 8

    Trunks And Plenum

    All trunk (supply) lines and plenum (return) lines are cleaned with special skipper ball technology.

  • 9

    Blower Interior

    The cleaning is completed with the air-washing and vacuum of the drop, filter box, blower fan and cabinet interior.

Central Vac Pipe Cleaning

We also clean your HRV system and dryer vents!


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