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Almost anyone in the world can run a vacuum over a floor or use a little vinegar and water to try to remove a ketchup stain. Still our homes and our offices seem to be slowly getting dirtier. Stains and spots accumulate on the carpet. Grout between tiles begins to get grubby. Furniture upholstery loses its new look.

What we really need is a professional cleaner. One that has all the right equipment, the experience and the elbow grease to get your space, your furniture, everything clean and bright once more.

Believe it or not, it takes years of study and experience to gain the reputation and success that the Klean And Brite team have. A surface isn’t just a surface with these guys. A surface is made up of materials that may react differently with one cleaning agent than with another. Experience is the difference between making the stain disappear and having to get a new carpet. In fact, many stains are made worse by the retail carpet cleaners that most home owners apply!

When you need a deep down clean, you need to call a professional. Since 1995, Dan and his team have been helping businesses and families live stain-free, dirt-free and germ-free. Very few other cleaners in Southwestern Ontario join the Klean And Brite team as they increase their education with intensive training sessions and certifications.

Each Klean And Brite member is fully insured and covered by WSIB and once you hire them, you’ll understand why they are renowned not only for knowledge but for their professional, courteous service as well.


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